Lake Forest Home Care | Orange County, California
Lake Forest Home Care | Orange County, California


We provide non-medical custodial care to seniors and people with disabilities by designing and implementing a customized plan of care, tailor-fit for individual needs. We serve Orange County and portions of surrounding counties as well. Our services include assistance with, but are not limited to:

  • Ambulation (Mobility & Transfers) - Is assisting the patient move from one point to the other such as; bed to commode, wheelchair to vehicle, etc. This may include the use of gait belt, hoyer lift and other medical ambulation devices.

  • Bathing - Assisting and overseeing people accomplish the routine of personal cleansing for the purpose of freshening up for general well-being. This includes administering bed bath to those who need it.

  • Companionship - Physical, moral and emotional support to cope with the demands of daily living.

  • Driving - In many cases, it is a lot safer for people to be driven than to drive themselves. We have personnel to do that with clean DMV records.

  • Errands - May include procurement of groceries and other shopping needs, meeting appointments, postal management, social visits, etc.

  • Exercise - Encourage and assist clients enjoy an active lifestyle and perform prescribed therapeutic exercise routine, as necessary.

  • Feeding Supervision - Is not only providing food for the client but making sure that it is properly taken, and in conjunction with dietary restrictions. This includes maintenance of a G-Tube (gastro-intestinal feeding tube).

  • Grooming - Making sure the client is properly, neatly and appropriately groomed at all times.

  • Hospice Care - We also provide assistance for clients placed on hospice.

  • Incontinence - We also assist people suffering from this occasional occurrence.

  • Laundry - Cleaning after the clients articles of clothing, linens, etc.

  • Light Housekeeping - To keep the environment of the care recipient, whether in a home or facility, orderly, neat and safe. This includes changing linens, making beds, dusting, vacuuming, trash disposal, doing dishes, etc.

  • Meal Preparation - Prepare nutritionally sound meals according to diet restrictions and help with grocery shopping as needed.

  • Medication Supervision - Constantly monitor medication as prescribed by the physician.

  • Personal Care - Caregivers help clients accomplish tasks and activities for daily living, especially moral support during difficulties.

  • Personal Hygiene - Refers to all tasks associated with personal cleanliness to assure good health and general wholesome well-being.

  • Recreation - Are activities necessary to maintain a wholesome mental and emotional disposition. This may include driving to parks, malls and other social activities.

  • Respite Care - Gives family members the privilege of spending time on their own, with the confidence that a trained professional is administering care to their loved one/s during their absence.

  • Toiletting - Assistance with answering the call of nature, as needed.

  • Transportation - From residence to doctors appointments, family gatherings, groceries, post office, beauty salon, and other errands.

  • Vital Sign Monitoring - Taking and recording blood pressure and heart rate on a regular basis.

You and your wonderful and caring
staff have been angels
at our time of need.
We will never forget you and all the kindness and professionalism.
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Lake Forest Home Care | Orange County, California
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